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SUMMER PRIDE Bloomin' Queer LGBTQ+ Adult Activity Book A5

SUMMER PRIDE Bloomin' Queer LGBTQ+ Adult Activity Book A5

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride with Fun and Engaging Activities

Dive into the Summer Pride Bloomin' Queer Activity Book, a vibrant collection of 37 activity pages designed to honour and celebrate LGBTQ+ pride. Perfect for beach days or as a holiday activity, this book is filled with diverse and inclusive puzzles and colouring pages that make every moment enjoyable and meaningful.

Inside You'll Find:

  • 10 Word Searches: Challenge yourself with themed word searches that celebrate queer culture and history.
  • 8 Sudokus: Solve sudokus featuring inspiring quotes from LGBTQ+ icons, adding a touch of inspiration to your puzzle-solving.
  • 10 Crosswords: Enjoy fun themes like "Drag Brunch," "Pride," and "Summer Date Night," making each crossword a delightful experience.
  • 9 Colouring Pages: Unleash your creativity with beautiful illustrations celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and diversity.
  • & More! 

Key Features:

  • Inclusive Themes: Every page is thoughtfully designed around queerness, ensuring representation and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Perfect for On-the-Go: Ideal for beach days, holidays, or any time you want to relax and engage your mind.
  • Inspiring and Fun: Enjoy hours of entertainment while celebrating pride with inspiring quotes and fun themes.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Word Searches
  • 8 Sudokus
  • 10 Crosswords
  • 9 Colouring Pages
  • Additional Activities
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