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The Empress | Transgender Tarot Art Print

The Empress | Transgender Tarot Art Print

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An illustration of The Empress, a card found in a traditional Tarot Deck.

The upright Empress card symbolises motherhood, romance, art, femininity, harmony. My idea was to make this beautiful fat trans woman covered in stretch marks as her power and love is just bursting through her skin. Traditionally the sword is a symbol of power, and in this case I imagine she uses her sword to end all the TERFS and protect us all.

The Empress is a trans woman sitting back nude. She has short black hair, large breasts falling to the sides of her chest covered in stretch marks. Her belly has folds and stretch marks. She hasn't had lower surgery, has hairy legs and some hair on her chest, and is holding a sword which is backlit by radiating lines.

Packaging is recycled & recyclable where possible

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