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The Lovers | Transgender Tarot Art Print

The Lovers | Transgender Tarot Art Print

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An illustration of The Lovers, a card found in a traditional Tarot Deck.

The upright Lovers card symbolises connections and meaningful relationships.

Two trans masc people kissing nude. They're in a border styled like a classic tarot card. They're both black, fat and have had no bottom surgery. The person on the left has short hair and a beard, top surgery scars, stretch marks around his armpits and a round belly with heart shaped pubic hair. The person on the right is taller, has a fade with a beard, small breasts with stretch marks across them and his softer belly. He has less tummy hair but his chest hair is shaped like a heart to match his partner.

Packaging is recycled & recyclable where possible

*Frame is not included!

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