Eyup Chuck!

I'm Ocean (he/they), a content creator , illustrator, cat dad & happen to be the person behind Conscious Euphoria.

Art has been an integral coping mechanism for me since before 2012, when I was an insecure stealth trans baby who couldn't bare to look at a naked body, let alone draw one.

Now I do it for a living, and have posted multiple videos about my own naked body online for thousands of people to see. How did I get here?

I'm on a mission to create inclusive content that accurately represeants the diverse trans community and fosters feelings of joy.

I'd love you to be a part of it!

Media & Talks

I'm available for media appearances and podcast guest spots.

Here are a few topics we can dive into:

  • Art & Academia

    - You're not a shit artist just because academia didn't work for you

    - How to run a business when all you wanna do is make pretty things

    - Is tracing really cheating? Or do you just not understand art?

  • Gender Identity & Neurodivergence

    - When doctors don't give you the right information about your own body (I wish I kept an ovary).

    - Am I de-transitioning? Or is my gender just evolving?

    - How to overcome internalised transphobia and stop hating yourself.

  • Body Positive & Sex

    - De-stigmatising the fat trans body

    - How to overcome shame around sex when you're trans

    - You don't have to hate the words that describe your genitals

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