Body Like Mine

I opened up a discussion on instagram about the lack of diverse representation of transgender bodies in the media, when I had an influx of people message me about how their bodies looking "different" and "unusual", despite all having things in common. I quickly realised that there was a huge imbalance between what we are shown, verses what exists amongst every day people, and I want to challenge that.
"Body Like Mine" is a collection of body portraits featuring real people with real stories, starting with my own chest. 
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We're working on something really special involving these images and stories, if you'd like to get involved and submit your photos, please fill out the form below to find out more information.
 Conscious Euphoria is looking for anonymous transgender chest, genital & full body references to share with a wider audience for an exciting project. 
To apply, you MUST:
 - Be Over 18
- Identify as transgender (no medical intervention is required)
- Consent to your image being used as a reference for this project which may involve:
- Being published in print & social media
- Being published for profit.

We're especially looking for stories of Disabled, Femme & Fat/Plus-size transgender people as there is a large lack of representation.
All participants will be anonymous and no faces will be shown, PLEASE let us know if you want any identifiable features removed (i.e. tattoos, markings, scars) beforehand. 

If you are concerned about your anonymity, please crop or blur out any identifiable features before sending your image across. Only Ocean Grove will have access to these photos.
Please fill out this form to submit yours