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Conscious Euphoria Gift Card

Conscious Euphoria Gift Card

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A digital gift voucher which ensures your loved ones can pick out exactly what they like!

Once ordered, you will receive a personalised printable PDF voucher which allows the receiver to get money off their purchase using a unique code. Why not gift it alongside a postcard from my store?

Not sure how much to put on the voucher?

£10 - the price of 4 post cards, or 4 stickers
£15 - the price of a white transgender torso candle
£20 - the price of one a5 print, a t-shirt, or a colour candle
£30 - the price of a hoodie
£50 - just over the price of a Resin or Jesmonite Model
£100 - this will cover the cost of a necklace

* Please keep in mind that there are shipping costs on most products, so if you don't want the receiver to be surprised by an additional cost, please check out individual products to determine how much shipping would cost and include this in your voucher.

* Please note this is not a physical voucher, this is a digital voucher and will be delivered via email.

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