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Conscious Euphoria

LGBTQ+ Tarot Affirmation Deck | Euphoric Tarot Cards

LGBTQ+ Tarot Affirmation Deck | Euphoric Tarot Cards

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Introducing the Euphoric Tarot Cards, enclosed in a sturdy box for practical storage.

This unique deck includes 78 monochromatic cards, celebrating gender and sexuality with each suit representing a different field. Cups represent chests, Wands denote toys and accessories, Swords portray genitals, and Pentacles embody anatomy.

The cards feature bodies with various disabilities, gender expressions, gender affirming surgeries, and body types. Each card includes two affirmations depending on which direction you pull the card for guidance and instructions for easy use.

This set is perfect as a gift, for experienced tarot readers, beginners, or for solo use.
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